2019: Destination:

Deep Space

Our Robot: Jiraffe

Quick Stats

  • Drive Train: 6 wheel WCD (Kitbot chasis)
  • Mechanisms
    • Rotating turret (powered by a 775Pro with a CTRE magnetic encoder and 35:1 versaplanetary gear reduction)
    • Hatch claw ("bird beak") (powered by two pneumatic pistons)
    • Limelight camera (used for driver feedback and lining up with targets)
    • Level 2 climber (powered by four 8" pneumatic pistons)
  • Driver Control
    • Two F310 Logitech Gamepads
    • Arcade Drive (with a veteran driver who's been to champs)
    • Turret setpoint control (each side)
    • Safe mode (where mechanism is inside robot frame for defense)
    • Limelight 2 (with driver camera mode and automatic targeting on player station, cargo ship and rocket)
  • Competition performance:
    • Quarterfinals at SFR on Alliance 7 (2551 & 5419)
    • Semifinals at SVR on Alliance 3 with 1868 & 8