2020/21: Infinite Recharge

Our Robot: The Beast

Quick Stats

  • Drive Train: 6 wheel WCD (KOP chassis)

  • 45 inches tall, 124 lbs.

  • Mechanisms

    • Ball intake: Intakes balls from the floor

      • 3 shafts powered by one 775 mounted on CNC polycarb plates

      • Retractable using 2 pneumatic cylinders

    • Hopper/Indexing: funnels balls from the intake to the shooter

      • 2 BAG motors powering intake funnel

      • 1 BAG motor powering a conveyer into the shooter

    • Shooter

      • Dual 775pro input to spin flywheel at 15,000 RPM

    • Bar climber: climbs onto the endgame "see-saw" bar

      • One stage elevator powered by a single CIM

      • Two hooks with wheels driven by a single BAG, for repositioning on the bar

  • Driver Control

    • Two F310 Logitech Gamepads

    • Arcade Drive

    • Turret setpoint control (each side)

    • Safe mode (where mechanism is inside robot frame for defense)

    • Limelight camera (used for driver feedback and lining up with targets)